Smilla's Sense of Snark (smillaraaq) wrote in division_maiden,
Smilla's Sense of Snark

Is anyone interested in an anonymous Maiden Rose prompt/kink fic meme?

Hello, everyone! Much belated delurking here...I've been dropping by this comm for more than a year yet somehow never got around to actually ~joining it until just now. Whoops...

As the subject line says, I'm wondering if anybody would be interested in participating in an anonymous writing meme for Maiden Rose fandom? There are some lovely stories already written for the series, but I'd love to encourage even more; and in my experience in other fandoms, the kind veil of anonymity can be really freeing and helpful to new writers, and the sharing of prompts can provide a real inspirational spark. If we start one, either in a post here or in a new dedicated journal, would any of you want to join in leaving story prompts and considering writing fills for them?
Tags: fanfiction, misc.
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