Mab of the Antipodes (mab_browne) wrote in division_maiden,
Mab of the Antipodes

Maiden Rose crossover story

Title: The Wolf's Head Bar
Fandom: Crossover between Maiden Rose | Hyakujitsu no Bara and The Sentinel
Characters: Klaus von Wolfstadt, Blair Sandburg (This story is gen as far as the interaction between Klaus and Blair is concerned.)
Rating: Teen and up
Word count: 4,600
Summary: A sinner and a do-gooder meet in a bar. Vaguely supernatural/mystical
Notes: I do know that this is a weird crossover, but some story ideas are just really persistent. If you read at Dreamwidth, there's a brief coupla paragraphs outlining certain aspects of TS canon.

The Wolf's Head Bar at Dreamwidth

The Wolf's Head Bar at AO3
Tags: fanfiction
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