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Inariya Fusanosuke on maiden Rose and other works

I hope to get some of the main points related to MR soon but if you know anyone willing to have this whole interview translated, feel welcome to do so and share it with us too.haruca 001haruca 002haruca 003haruca 004haruca 005haruca 006haruca 007haruca 008haruca 009haruca 010haruca 011haruca 012haruca 013haruca 014haruca 015haruca 016haruca 017haruca 018haruca 019haruca 020haruca 021haruca 022haruca 023haruca 024haruca 025haruca 026haruca 027haruca 028
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I admired the pics and live in hope of a translation. Thanks for the scans. :-)
Thanks for sharing!
Thank you for sharing. I miss Taki and Klaus so much I just want t cry.
thank you! and +1 to mab_browne: we do need translation!

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August 23 2013, 23:03:33 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  August 23 2013, 23:06:17 UTC

At first some of the drawings look similar and one image looks like the Sky dragon in Code:Leviathan but unless someone translates the chapter we won't know.I did not include those pages since I'm more interested in the interview on Inariya.
I think the "Blue" refers to the Ocean that aviators have to cross when in duty.Once again looks like a period of conflict or war story


September 14 2013, 22:06:43 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  September 14 2013, 22:10:20 UTC

"A pair of wings of blue", is the title given by the translator(Omarisister,sorry they have re name to Crimson-Flower) who worked on that first chapter of what it appears to be a Josei series, even if the girl pretends to be the boy and viceversa; but hopefully someone will tell us what Inariya mentions respect to Maiden Rose on that comprehensive interview she gave on it.
hmm..jus wondering if this interview mention anything about inariya sensei plan for a new chpater/volume or where the manga is going? she hasn't determine it to be a sad ending or anything like that right?
Thank you very much for sharing this!
From what I can skim over, there isn't any noteworthy news of Maiden Rose in the interview presented. I'll try to translate what I can when I have time. But for now, if you look at the second to last page (which are ads & summaries for Inariya-sensei's existing manga) with all the MR stuff, there is a editor's note of sorts that basically amounts to:

"When you love something, you'll do everything to draw it well. It gives us a ton of pleasure to stuff as much as possible in one book. The story/subject at hand is very difficult but worth drawing."

And whenever MR is referenced in the interview, it is with the assumption the story is continuing soon (like there will be a remark that "MR is getting really serious & dark now, but that's why your takouban omake are so moe, right?"). So Sensei's probably just fixing up volume 3 for us this year & will be back with new material next year so don't panic ~( ^x^)

My translation may be faulty as I can only read kanji competently & my grammar is shaky. Corrections (politely, please) are welcome.
thank you for the information.Indeed she has mentioned the big MR return on the April issue of Aqua(Which I hope means the one on sale at the end of February) plus the back to back sale of volumes 3&4around May,I think
Looks like you have better sources than me, lol. That's great to hear! Now we can increase our manga/yaoi collection come spring! ^0^


December 31 2013, 07:50:09 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  December 31 2013, 07:51:04 UTC

I got this from her blog:http://www5b.biglobe.ne.jp/~Bbel/sophya/contents.html
Ooh, I could kiss you for this info. I'm usually on her other blog, lol. Well, this quite clearly states:

☆Concerning Maiden Rose☆
After making changes, the tankouban of Maiden Rose Vol 3 & 4 will be released between April and May 2014.

More info on the sequel/next chapter will be announced with the publication of the first addition omake in Aqua Comics's April 28, 2014 edition.

※Cover Illustration Ari
(あり can mean a lot of things from "present" to "probable" to a name so not sure what she's trying to say about cover art)
Thank you for translating this for us too!
I can't wait to see the new edited tankouban and I'm sure that cover must be related to MR, since it's been a long wait for sure.
Happy New Year!