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Novel illustrations

Ok. Towday it's another one :) But with a small surprise ;)
These scans are not as good as the previous, because they were made long ago and with different scanners. In the archive there is also a small manga (3 pages). If somebody wants to translate it - contact me, I'll give biger scans.
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IMG_00001-1Title : 傍若無人なアプローチ!
Author : 北川 とも (Tomo Kitagawa)
Released : 二見書房 (2011/4/22)
Pages : 12 illustrations
Rating : of course :)))
Scanned by : [info]zzenya & Sora Shiro
Summary : アメリカ帰りのメカニック・英人は飛行機会社に就職する。その会社を仕切る社長・航青は、不思議な魅力漂う大人の男。そんな航青になぜか英人は「魔性の 男」扱いされ無理やり犯されてしまう。自身を貫く初めての熱い快感に翻弄され、官能的なキスに理性は白熱して溶けていく―。航青の力強い眼差しは、まるで 青空に抱かれているかのような心地よさで英人を包み込み…。満たされて、上昇していく心と体はもう止められない!傲慢強引尊大男に振り回される英人の運命 は。
Download : MF
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Novel illustrations

I want to share the works of Inariya-san which is not connected with the Maiden
Rose. If it's allowed in this community - thank you, and I will continue to do this. If it's not - remove the post.
Towday it is the novel illustrations.
I don't know Japanese :( So, if somebody can help and translate the name of the product (at least) -- it will be great!
Please, do not share out of the community.

Title : 禁忌の報謝
Author : 真崎 ひかる (Hikaru Masaki)
Released : 二見書房 (2011/4/22)
Pages : 12 illustrations
Rating : you know, this is Inariya-san ;))
Scanned by : [info]zzenya
Summary : 「なにしても、いい。好きにしていい、から」―七十年に一度の大祭。その社の修復のため碑継島を訪れた宮大工の榊は、宮司の息子の美少年・尊に出会う。高 校にも通わず純粋培養されているような尊は、控え目ながらも真っ直ぐに榊を慕ってきた。しかしある夜、社に祀られている『へみ神』への供物として淫らな儀 式を受け入れる尊の姿を目撃してしまう。島のことには深入りするなという師匠の言葉が頭を過るが、島を出る前の夜、尊が部屋を訪ねてきて…。
Download : MF

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Maiden Rose

Fanfic: Fall, Fly, Laugh

Title: Fall, Fly, Laugh
Author: Mab
Pairing: Klaus von Wolfstadt/Taki Reizen
Rating: Teen rated for theme and reference to canon events
Summary: Three people who know the truth about Taki and Klaus. Outside POV. 1300 words.

I discovered Maiden Rose recently and much to my surprise (I don't do yaoi, I don't do open canon) I fell in love. You can read the story at Archive of Our Own or my Dreamwidth account.
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[paper] "Forbidden Love" and "Violent Desire": Themes in the WWII Yaoi Manga of Fusanosuke Inariya

Edit: Fixed the cut! I'm SO sorry. It's been ages since I've made a proper text post on lj and finally decided to use rich text for all my styles in the document, and completely failed at the lj-cut button! I'm so sorry!
I wanted to share an academic paper I wrote last term that's going to be presented at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research 2012 and the Popular Culture Association Conference 2012 in March and April. I presented at NCUR last year with another yaoi paper (cited in this one), but this is a Fusanosuke Inariya/Maiden Rose specific paper and thought everyone might enjoy reading it (if you like anime academia). You can also cite this paper if you use it for any of your own yaoi academic papers.

However, if you try and plagarize this, your professor or teacher will be able to google the paper and find it listed as an abstract through NCUR, and possibly PCA. They can also find my previous one, since it's formally published with the NCUR proceedings. This is NOT something you can steal, this is my legitimate academic research I am presenting and hoping to publish through these conferences.

Otherwise, enjoy!

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Blood x Ishuca

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Big hurrah for it!finally..after waiting for 6 months like hell...sensei continued this awesome story T.T
Btw,she continued the past story when they were in school :D
this is the chinese version


I just added sendspace link in case you've a trouble with mediafire^^

Thanks to kingyo_mint for her links :)

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Next Chapter

Hi guys :D
So... I was sure that the next Maiden Rose chapter was gonna be in Aqua February issue, out on the 28th of December (which is today). But D: yesterday I looked at its website and there's no Inariya in that issue... so no Maiden Rose AGAIN for this month? I can't stand it anymore DDDDD: I want the new chapter!!
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Sarazanmai :{reomabu}

[Fanlisting] Inariya Fusanosuke ♥

I now own four out of five of my top favourite mangaka~ can you believe it?! As you can see I used the theme butterfly for the inspiration of this layout as sensei does use a lot butterflies in her work. At the moment I don't have any new members for Inariya Fusanosuke..

So if you are a fan of sensei then please do join!

Broken Butterfly (Inariya Fusanosuke fanlisting)

Hyakujitsu no Bara (Maiden Rose) fanlisting

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